What is PHP?

PHP was 1st developed to permit customization of an online page victimization data from the user’s pc and browser or network data. additionally, it will take user input and use it in scripts. PHP is usually wont to together with MySQL info code.

PHP may be an artificial language used on web content to get dynamic content. It consists of scripts that area unit written between tags on an online page. before the online page being sent to the browser, the online server can method the script and output the lead to HTML to form the online page.

PHP will access data from numerous sources
Browser data
Server data
Network data
User Input

An example of a dynamic page victimization PHP would be a script that appears at the science address of the browser creating the online page request, appearance up the geographical location for the science and solely shows content relevant for that location. PHP would do that by employing MySQL info that contained data concerning that blocks of science addresses area unit employed in every country and scrutiny the browser science against the list. Once the country has been determined the succeeding stage of the script would then either embrace or exclude the page content from being sent by the server. This could be the text of the page itself or different components on the page like footage, form or buttons.

Using PHP

In order to run PHP scripts, the online server should have the proper version of PHP put in and also the correct plugins enabled. Most hosting management panels can have an associate icon which will show the present PHP configuration running on the server. you ought to even be ready to swap between PHP versions via the control board. you may nearly perpetually get to established info to use with the PHP scripts, this will even be done through the hosting account control board.

What is Javascript used for?

Web site users area unit less and fewer tolerant of delays once viewing internet sites. it's not acceptable to attend for a page to reload to vary the layout. As a result of a lot of and a lot of pages area unit being created with javascript to permit the pages to be amendment quickly by the process happening on the user’s pc.

What is Javascript?

Javascript could be a scripting language that's processed within the net browsers to form changes to an internet page without the page dynamical state (being resent from the server).
The majority of well-liked browsers currently have the power to method javascript directions. this enables javascript programming to use the info provided by the server and take input from the user to vary the online page show while not requiring the page to be reloaded.

When would Javascript be used

An example of a Javascript script would be a scrolling gallery. once the page for the image gallery is requested, Javascript will be accustomed to load the photographs into the pc memory however solely show the photographs on the screen as they're requested by the user pressing the next button.
Javascript is asynchronous, which means it will act with the server while not the requirement to interrupt the online page i.e. by loading files within the background while the user continues to act with the online page. therefore javascript may load additional photos during a gallery prepared for the user to scroll additional through the gallery.

Javascript Libraries

These area units pre-written chunks of code that may be enclosed into the web content to hold out tasks. one among the foremost well-liked libraries is JQuery, that provides code that may be accustomed assemble however the online page displays, react to events on the online page triggered by the user, and manage Ajax interactions on the page.