The Stock Market Collapsed 

The Indian economy is steadily falling down one by one. In one hit, the Mumbai stock market index is down nearly seven hundred points. The same situation is with the national share index Nifty. The Nifty has fallen nearly 220 points. Gold prices are rising with the expected turnaround. These days, the price of gold in Delhi has risen by Rs 528. Investors are choosing gold as a guaranteed investment by removing money from the stock market. So the price of gold is rising. Silver prices are rising at the same time.

Money Continues to Decline

Money prices continued to fall. On Monday, the dollar's exchange value stood at Rs 72.89. This is the highest fall of money in the last few days. The former Prime Minister expressed concern over the Indian economy earlier this week. He is calling it "Man Mad" in the crisis of the Indian economy. On this day, the people did not stop criticizing the government about the Indian economy.

Condition of Indian Economy

India's growth in the first three months of the last financial year stood at only five percent. GDP has never been so low in the last twenty-five months of that time. And its rate dropped in five to three months. The Reserve Bank of India, the International Monetary Fund and the Asian Development Bank have reported that India's growth rate is lower than previously estimated. The Indian economy, which is now virtually in the throes of a downturn, has shown evidence from fields like automobiles to real estate. A report on the growth rate of eight core sectors of the country was published yesterday. There is also a picture of degradation.

The Stock Market Collapses Due To The Poor Economy

The stock market collapses these days mainly for the downturn of the economy. One day SENSEX has come down to Seven Hundred Seventy Point. A trend is evident from the decline in the stock market. Investors can no longer rely on the Indian economy. As a result, they have started selling shares. It has been linked to a number of international issues. China and the US have strengthened the dollar in terms of tariff wars and the Brexit issue. As a result, the exchange value of weak money is increasing. 

Upward Gold Price

Upward Gold Price

On the one hand, the price of gold is rising due to the general rule of the economy. Leaving the stock market, everyone is thinking about investing money in Gold. The worst-case scenario is the economy of India. The government is trying to do a lot for this. The government is announcing a series of reforms. The government is doing all the reforms, from bank affiliation to FDI. But there is no sign of the economy returning.