Dbt Agriculture is Emphasizing A New Method of Lemon Cultivation

After the apple of Kashmir, this year, the state Department of Dbt Agriculture has shown the farmer's income by cultivating Kashmiri Malta lemon on the ground.  The state government is initiating lemon cultivation for this species through the Atma project in several districts. Dbt agricultural experts are skeptical about whether such farming will succeed in our state.

Cultivation In The State Of Kashmir

This type of lemon is commonly cultivated in Kashmir's climate and soil. To date, agricultural experts are investigating whether lemon cultivation will be successful in all soil and climatic conditions in India. Agricultural experts have created a new species of lemon sapling for this climate. Dbt agricultural experts say that farmers can do more by cultivating this kind of lemon.

Malta Lemon Cultivation Budget

According to dbt agriculture department sources, one bigha of Malta lemon cultivation will cost about thirty thousand rupees. Lemon seedlings of this species can be found at the Block's Department of Agriculture. Lemon can be sold for fifty to sixty thousand rupees. Farmers can earn thirty thousand rupees every year. In addition, farmers can earn up to ten years.

Assist in cultivating lemons

Department of Agriculture officials said that if any farmer wants to do this kind of farming, he will contact the office and get advice. In addition, it will be advisable to collect seedlings. Experts say some farmers are not interested in the cultivation because they give more importance to rice cultivation. If farmers are interested in this kind of agriculture, they can make a good income in the future. All these cultivars require good marketing.

For example, corn cultivation is better here. However, the farmers have stopped cultivating it because there is no marketing of corn cultivation. What will be the profit of the farmer if he cannot sell the product after farming?   Thus many types of farming are being stopped. The Agriculture Department and the Agriculture Ministers need to think about this.