Kotak Mahindra Bank 

A bank account in Kotak Mahindra will give you all the functionality as you know them from your local bank account in your local bank. For instant to open a bank account in Kotak Mahindra will give you the option to have an IBAN bank account number which makes it much easier and cheaper for your customers and business partners to pay you by international wire transfer if they are located in Europe.

Kotak Mahindra bank accounts are literally nothing else than simple bank accounts which just have the major benefits of being anonymously and to be located in an Offshore Jurisdiction like Kotak Mahindra are.

A bank account in Kotak Mahindra will beside the IBAN account number also let you hold the account in multicurrency with 1 login and only 1 account, when you the first time login to your Kotak Mahindra bank account you will see the currency accounts you choice while you filled the Kotak Mahindra bank account opening forms, this could for an instant be EURO, US dollars or Great British Pounds which when one of your customers or business partners make a wire transfer from his bank account to your Kotak Mahindra bank account and it is for an instant in EURO then the bank will automatically credit your EURO bank account without any additional charge.

When you are opening a bank account in Kotak Mahindra you will need to know that you will have access to your Kotak Mahindra bank account all around the clock also in the weekends through the advanced Internet Banking access you will. The major Kotak Mahindra Bank’s have all e-Banking facilities to give access to your Kotak Mahindra bank account.

Now it is very easy to open an account at Kotak Mahindra Bank. We have very few banks in India where you can open an Instant Account in just five minutes. The biggest advantage of this bank is that you can open an account on Zero Balance. To date, some banks do not open a new account with zero balance. So this bank is best for those with low monthly income. You do not have to go to the bank to open an account here. You can open an account within five minutes from your home.

What can I do with my Kotak Mahindra bank account and how to open a Kotak Mahindra bank account?

You can receive international Wire Transfers to your Kotak Mahindra bank account and you can also issue Wire Transfers from your Kotak Mahindra bank account to any other bank account worldwide.

Kotak Mahindra bank accounts can be used for many purposes and you will have absolutely no limitation at all, also the Kotak Mahindra Bank will not set any transfer to or from your Kotak Mahindra bank account in questions, they almost accept any type of business.
Kotak Mahindra Bank

How can I open Kotak Mahindra Bank Zero Balance Account?

There are two ways to open an account. The first step is to go to your nearest Kotak Mahindra bank with all your required documents. Fill out the new account form and submit your account. The second method is to open a new account from a smartphone or computer in your home. In this case, you will not have to go to the bank but the bank staff will come to your house for document verification. People don't have time to go to the bank, so the bank launched this new facility a few years ago. Nowadays everyone is following this method because it does not waste their time in the bank.

   Another best method is to call 811 and follow the interaction. Your account will be open in a few minutes without paperwork. A zero balance account is for individuals only. 

What documents do I need to open a new account?

Documents required to open an account for the first time are Aadhaar card PAN card and passport size picture. If you go to the bank, you will need a hard copy. And if you are online at home then you can upload the document by the scan. 

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*Contact the nearest bank for more information.