How To Create a Developer Account Google

If you're making associate degree application then produce a Developer Account in Google. as a result of it is the best plan for your application to achieve the globe. The Google Play Store incorporates a sizable amount of users, therefore, uploading a mobile application here will cause you to terribly productive. you'll additionally promote the appliance if you wish. it is a nice chance for all developers.

How much does it cost to get an account in Google Play Console?

Google Play Console isn't free. If you wish to transfer Associate in the upload application you may get to pay a one-time fee. after you register with Google Play Console, you have got to pay 25$. however, bear in mind that you just solely got to pay once. Then you'll be able to transfer as several applications as you prefer within the Google Play Store. If you're making Associate in the Nursing application you may have to be compelled to get a one-time fee and obtain it accounted for on Google Play console.

Can Google Play Console Account Suspend?

Yes, the Google Play console account may be suspended. If all three of your applications are suspended, your Google Play Console account will be suspended for life. Once the account is suspended you will not be able to open another account in any other way. So before registering an account, know the good Google Play policies. One thing to keep in mind is that Google can change its policy at any time so Google Play Policy needs to be checked from time to time.
How to Create Developer Account in Google Play Store

What do you need for a Google Play Console Account? 

First, you want a Gmail account. On each occasion, the username and privacy of this Gmail account arrow need to sign up for Play Console. And a MasterCard that only pays Google the initial $ 25. Note that Indian Bank's debit card does not support the Google Play account. So if you simply get an open debit card from a checking account, no payment will be made. If you use HDFC or ICICI bankcards, payment may be successful. These banks simply favor international payments. So if you do not have an account at this bank, you will be able to use someone else's card.