How To Create a Youtube Channel 

Creating a YouTube channel is very easy these days. If you didn't know how to create a channel on YouTube then this post is for you. You must specify the channel name before opening a new channel. Having a Gmail account is a must if you want to open a channel on YouTube. If you do not have a Gmail account, make a Gmail account. The first step is to open and sign in with a Gmail account. 

     After signing in, your account's DP will appear in the upper right corner and enter there. There will be a "YouTube Studio" option-click and type your channel name. Once you enter the name and submit it, The Dashboard will open. Give the channel's descriptions and logos there, do mobile number verification. Your channel is now successfully created.

Add Tag & Description On Your Youtube Videos

Video tags & descriptions are very important for SEO. Video tags help YouTube videos at top positions. Under the description, you will describe what your video is about. Video keyword must be entered within the tag.

Add Thumbnail On Your Youtube Videos

It is very important to add a thumbnail on your Youtube video. thumbnail Attracts users to watch a video. thumbnail In this, it should be understood what the video is about. Incorrect thumbnail Do not put in the video, it is against YouTube's policy.

How To Earn Money From Youtube

If you work properly, you can earn money from YouTube. An AdSense account is required to earn money from a video. Open the AdSense account and connect it to YouTube. Once the account is successfully connected, the advertisement will show the uploaded videos which you will get paid through AdSense. But one thing to note is that 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscriber is required to connect AdSense.


There is another method by which we can make money through sponsorship. But to get sponsorship, your channel needs to be popular. In both of these cases, you need to follow the policy on YouTube. Adsense does not approve when you work against the YouTube policy.